Valentines Mug Rug Tutorial

Create this cute little Valentines Mug Rug in no time. A quick and easy project for the weekend.


Print off the pattern provided below and watch the Video tutorials on how to quilt it, colour it in and set it with some textile medium so that it is washable.


Steps to get started:


  • Print off the Pattern
  • Select some light coloured fabric (e.g white), approx. 30 x 25 cm in size and copy the pattern onto it, use a light box or a window to do so.
  • place Felt Hearts onto Quilt top, see marked areas or choose your own layout. My Felt Hearts had a sticky back so no pinning was necessary. 
  • Load the Quilting machine with backing, wadding and the top fabric and choose a dark coloured thread (e.g black or brown)
  • For domestic machine users create a quilt sandwich consisting of 3 layers (backing, wadding and quilt top), pin it in the corners
  • start quilting the Letters and Hearts and use some heart background fillers to finish the project off.
  • apply binding to your project
  • colour in to your liking using pencils
  • apply textile medium to the coloured in sections and let it dry.
  • Iron project to heat set, use a cloth to protect your iron.
Valentines Mug Rug pattern
print off this pattern to create the Valentines Mug Rug
valentines mug rug tutorial pattern 001.
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