Melodic Star

Material needed:


*Fabric 1: white w. Butterflies 30x30 cm

*Fabric 2: grey Towelling 30x30cm

*Fabric 3: orange 50 cm x 4 cm

*x 1 Musical box (W 5x L 6x H 3,5)

*Felt in red approx. 15 x 15 cm, 2 mm thick

*Hobby Fill -wadding/filling material

*Matching thread


Making the Melodic Star:


1) Draw a Star shape on a piece of paper 23 x 23 cm in size. This includes the 1/4" seam allowance. Cut the Star out.


2) Place the Star pattern onto Fabric 1 and Fabric 2 respectively and cut out a star shape from each of the fabrics. You should now have one Star from each, Farbic 1 and Fabric 2.


3) Take Fabric 3 (orange) and fold lengthwise in half, right side of fabric is out!,  iron. You should now have a 50 cm x 2 cm long strip. Open the strip and fold once more, this time fold 1 cm from edge to middle, again do this lengthwise on both sides, iron. Now fold it all up and you should have a 50 cm x approx. 1 cm strip. 

Sew the strip lengthwise together.


4) Take the red felt fabric and cut out x 4 heart shapes. You can draw the heart shapes with a sharpie pen onto the felt first or make a paper heart template first.


5) Take x 2 heart shapes and place one of the orange strip ends in between, sew the two hearts together securing the end of the  orange strip that way. Proceed the same way with the second end of the orange strip.


6) Place the two Star shaped fabrics (Fabric 1 and Fabric 2) rights sides together. Fold the orange fabric strip in half placing it between the two fabrics on the top of the star, leaving a small loop visible. The rest of the orange strip is tucked in between the fabrics for the  sewing process. Pin the edges of the star together for sewing.


7) Start sewing at the bottom of the star, ensuring you leave approx. 7cm open for turning the star once sewn.

Sew around the star with a 1/4" seam allowance.


8) Turn the Star right side out. Place the Musical box inside and secure the box with a band or thread by sewing it onto the small orange loop inside the star. This ensures the Musical box remains in place when the string is pulled. The two orange strips with the heart ends are now out and ready to hang the Melodic star.


9) Sew together the seam of the bottom end of the star, leave a small opening for the string of the musical box. Test that the string can be easily pulled.


Melodic Star Instructions for download
Here is everything you need to know on how to make a Melodic Star. Enjoy!
Melodic Star Instructions for download.d
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Mug Rugs

Material needed:


*Fabric 1: 60 x 40 cm

*Fabric 2: 60 x 40 cm

*Wadding scraps

*Matching thread




1) Cut 6 squares 15 x 15 cm in size from Fabric 1.  Do the same with Fabric 2.


2) Match a square from Fabric 1 with a square from Fabric 2, do so until all 6 squares are matched up. Ensure the squares are paired right sides of fabric together.


3) place each of the matched squares onto a scrap of wadding.


4) Use a walking foot to sew around each of the square sandwiches with a  1/4" seam allowance, leaving a small opening at the bottom of each sandwich for turning.


5) Turn all the sewn fabric sandwiches right side out, sew the small opening a the bottom together by hand.


6)Sew around the top of the Mug rugs with a 1/4" seam allowance to secure all 3 layers in place and to allow for a nice finish.  Tidy up the threads to the back and tie them off.

Mug Rugs Instructions for download
Here is everything you need to know on how to make the Mug Rugs. Enjoy!
Mug Rugs Instructions for download.docx
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