Weighted Blankets ( Calming Blankets)

A weighted blanket, also known as 'calming blanket' is a great way to help the body to relax. It provides a deep pressure relief and assists in calming the nervous system.

Weighted blankets are used in Trauma work and are great for people with PTSD, Anxiety, Panic etc. They are also used in children with Autism or people with Dementia and Alzheimer... just to name a few areas these blankets are used. Occupational Therapist recommend the use of weighted blankets.


The lap size weighted blanket is a great size as it can be brought along to school, in the car, therapy sessions, nap time etc.


The lap size weighted blanket is approx 70 x 50 cm in size and is available as

1,5kg AUD$ 120 (+shipping)

2   kg AUD$ 130 (+shipping)


Poly pellets are used as weight for the blanket furthermore each blanket is triple stitched for extra strength and endurance. This allows for the blanket to be washed. Cold gentle machine wash is best.

Front and back side are different in fabrics. Front size has squares with different prints on it, back side is one single colour only. This gives the person the option that if the front side is to activating, to stimulating, the blanket can be turned over to the single coloured one and an even greater calming effect can be achieved.

The back side of the blanket is made with either Minkee, Towel or Flanell type fabrics. Therefore a sensory effect is added.  

The calming blankets usually come in the colours of green, blue or purple as these are referred to as cooling and calming colours. This deepens the effect and experience of the weighted blanket.


I custom make the blankets on demand and a lot of work goes into them.

Weighted Blankets are a very popular product and the demand is high. For any further questions or to order your Weighted Blanket please contact me


Please be aware that fabrics will wary to the ones in the  photos!

Dogs love weighted blankets too!  

It helps them too with anxiety issues or when loud noises and thunderstorm cause problems as it provides a calming effect just like in the human body.