Penguins Hand stitchery Quilt

Penguins Hand stitchery Quilt

A fun Quilt that displays Penguins throughout the year in the various seasons like summer, Easter or doing all kinds of activities like flying a kite. The pastel teal and yellow colours complement the black and white fabrics nicely.

A Quilt that invites to explore and play 'I spy' a long the way.  The Penguins are intricately HAND stitched ! which took many many month to do. There are 13 different Penguins all up. The Quilt is intricately quilted and has a yellow backing fabric.


Size approx: 140 x 140 cm


cotton fabrics and Polyester/cotton wadding were used for this quilt.

Cold gentle machine wash is possible, do not tumble dry

Penguins Hand Stitchery Quilt


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