WOHOO!!! Finalist in the Blessington Challenge 'Togetherness'

WOHOO, EXCITING NEWS!!! My Quilt 'Mother Nature" is a Finalist in the Blessington challenge with the theme 'Togetherness'. 😍 Sooo excited! As you all know I am very passionate about Mother Nature and I dream of a world where we all live in harmony, peace and in a sustainable way. Below is the Artist statement for the Quilt. Please take the time to read it as it is a message for all of us.


Mother Nature -  Quilt

As long as I can remember ‘Mother Nature’ has been very important to me. I understood the connection, the togetherness or oneness from a very young age. I understood the importance of Mother Nature nurturing us that we shouldn’t take all the food and beauty she provides us with for granted. I would sit for hours in the forest under the tall tree canapes or the large leaves of the bushes and squirrel, fox, birds or deer would come close and check me out. Sometimes a squirrel or bird would even take food out of my hand, I was so excited when that happened as there was a lot of trust involved from both sides of not hurting each other. I was in awe and loved the feeling of togetherness, being one with nature and ‘All that is’. I was deeply touched by it and felt a deep feeling of happiness and contentment. I enjoyed being close to the animals, trees, rocks and flowers. Each single one of them seemed to have some lesson to teach me. I learned about the circle of life, how things grow and also that nothing lasts forever and it is a part of the cycle of life just as death is a part of it.  I loved watching Eagle soaring high up in the sky. At times Eagle would come down closer to investigate. I enjoyed listening to the birds chirping and singing nearby. I still love being in nature as much as I did back as a child. These days its exploring new areas here in Australia and observing the animals, it is one of my favorite things, especially whale watching. I feel free and whole when I am in nature. Sitting outdoors at night looking up at the stars and the incredible night sky is one of the best things. I feel so small in comparison and am in awe of the vastness of this Universe.

 Sadly things are changing in this world for the worse and togetherness is becoming a faint memory the way things are going. These days humans are often each in for their own benefit and kindness is often hard to find.

 With this Quilt I want to send a message that we are all in this together and it is our responsibility to look after each other and also after Mother Nature. Planet Earth needs us to take care of it, to restore the equilibrium and returning it to its original beauty. Mother Earth nurtures us, provides us with food, oxygen, water, shelter and many more resources. She soothes our soul and lifts our spirit and emotions when we spend time in nature after a stressful day. She helps us to regulate our nervous system and helps us to heal if we allow it. This too is togetherness, experiencing a wholeness and love that is one of a kind because it is unconditional.

 Yet we treat Mother Nature with disrespect, destroying rainforests, poisoning rivers and oceans. Animals go extinct because of us humans. Together we are creating the future for the generations to come. Is this what we want our children to experience and remember? Is this the legacy we want to leave behind?

Together we can make a difference and every little step like cleaning up a beach or planting a tree will help in this endeavor and bring us closer together once more.

Togetherness to me means oneness, being equal. Not better or worse than anyone else be it another human, a tree or animal. Togetherness to me is pulling on one string, going in the same direction in harmony, being kind to each other.


Togetherness to me is being close to another and this includes Mother Nature, being connected and in tune with it. I wish for the generations to come that they will still be able to experience the joy and contentment I felt as a child and still do today when being in nature.