Quokka Selfie & Birthday on Rottnest Island

For my Birthday this year I decided that I would spend the day at Rottnest Island.  

"Rotto" as we locals call it here in Western Australia is a beautiful and small Island just off Perth mainland.

A 30 min. Ferry ride from Fremantle will get you there easily. I took the first ferry in the morning and started exploring the island. Beautiful weather, white sandy beaches and lovely sunshine...what more could you wish for.

Quokkas were everywhere, in the main area of the Island and also out in the bushes.

The seals were lazing around enjoying the sunshine too and some were goofing around in the water, so fun to watch. I love their playfulness.

The rugged landscape is breathtaking. There are also some salt lakes in the middle of the island.

After all that exploring it was time to relax and have a swim. I went to Little Parakeet bay, which is a lovely small bay.

Secluded with white sandy beaches and turquoise blue water. The swim was refreshing. It is a great place to snorkel too.

Clear skies and sunshine bring out the blue in the water even more and you can see the Perth skyline quite clearly from the Island ( 19.7 km) away.

I headed back to the main area on the island as I wanted to see and spend some more time with the Quokkas.  And of course to see if I can get a Quokka selfie done.

These little Kangaroos are wild and jet they are used to having people around.  Still being respectful and mindful of them is very important, and it is certainly important to me. So getting a photo entails that the Quokka comes to you. No feeding or touching allowed. The animal ate what was lying around on the ground, tree-nuts and leaves.

After a little practice we got it right.  I crack my self up laughing every time I look at it.  It is said that Quokkas are the happiest animal in the world. I think it is true and it does rub off. :-)

Needless to say I had the best day and soooo much fun. I felt so happy and alive words can not describe it.