How to Design an entire Quilt with Silke Touch Creations Set of 4 Machine quilting rulers

Today I want to talk about how to design an entire Quilt from scratch with the Silke Touch Creations set of 4 Machine quilting rulers.


In this example it is a Mandala Quilt.

As you know the rulers are for Machine quilting, however I also use them to draw and design. I like to get creative and make good use of them, not just on the Quilting machine :-)


First grab some fabric to start with. I chose white fabric approx 1 m (1,1/4 yard ) square in size. Half the fabric and then fold it again so you have it folded into a quarter. Crease the lines which will mark the centre lines and divides the fabric into 4 sections when you open it up. 

I mark these lines also with a blue water soluble marking pen. 


Next I created circles by using a large ruler. Create the circles as large as you  like. I went for  approx. 35 inches in diameter for the largest and a  approx 30 inch wide circle to create an outer border. I also created a smaller circle around the centre with approx. 12 inches in diameter. I divided the space into 10 sections, marking small spaces around the centre circle for the bottom of the stars. I went for small sized spikes.


Then mark the 10 spikes to create the star shape. Use ruler A ,the straight edge of the ruler, to create the line from the centre circle marks to the second largest circle. You could also use the straight edge of ruler C (the largest ruler of the set) to create the straight lines.

I aimed to coincide the tips of the stars with the words in the outer centre. Once marked use ruler B (the smallest of the rulers) and use the oval shaped side to create the shapes in between the spikes, see photo below. I used ruler A to create the diamond shapes in the centre of the arcs.

The set of rulers is available via

Use ruler C , the largest ruler of the set, to create the outer swag or arc  shapes. I used ruler B to create a smaller swag in the middle of every other of the arcs. 

If you add the words, place them around the second largest circle. I used an alphabet stencil, drew the words out with a pencil first and then filled the words in with a fabric pen.

When quilting the Mandala Quilt remember that the quilting foot on a Longarm machine has a 1/4 inch allowance. you need to take that into consideration when working with the rulers. While you can line up the straight lines with the ruler easily the arcs will be slightly bigger as the mark that you drew earlier. That is not a problem as the blue marker will be washed out in the end and therefore no longer visible. I used ruler D ( the large curved one) to help quilt the large circles.

Once you quilted all of the lines and arcs it is time to have some more fun and fill them in. I went a second time around the arcs and spikes and created therefore some positive and negative space. I then filled the negative space in with feathers, and other modern fillers like swirls and ribbons.

After I filled in all of the arcs and spikes it was time to fill all the negative space of the background. I chose to alternate my fillers. I went for some grid work and some pebbles with flowers. I also quilted around each of the words, which makes them pop.


Now that the quilting was finished it was time to take the quilt off the machine. I was considering leaving it black and white however I had this beautiful flower ribbon and the rainbow coloured yarn that I wanted to use for the centre circle and the outer circle respectively. I therefore decided to do some colouring in by making good use of my Fabrico fabric pens. It was great fun and is very relaxing at the same time.  I couched the rainbow yarn and the flower ribbon on using my domestic machine.

Last step was to cut out the Mandala Quilt at the outer circle and zigzag around the border. Once that step was done I added the black ribbon to finish the Quilt off.

If you can't shake the niggling feeling that you might have seen the Quilt before that is because it is featured on the front of the Silke Touch Creations box of the Set of 4 Quilting rulers.

The Set of rulers is available via