Ideas for quilting with rulers

 I have been asked how I use my Quilting rulers to design on quilts but also to create patterns. So I thought I share with you some ideas. Let's start  with ruler 'A' of the 4 piece set. Focusing on the straight edge of the ruler. The most obvious is doing the 'stitch in the ditch' work on your quilt tops. The ruler can also be used to do the rulerwork on more intricate designs like the half hexies in the photo with the butterflies, it enhances the 3D effect even more. I used it to create straight lines in the half hexies using the 1/4'inch increments to create different spaced lines. Further I use the ruler if I want to fill designs like the circular one and embellish with zigzag or other straight line designs. The ruler is also great if you have lots of negative space like the white space in the last photo where you can get creative and design your own pattern. Generally I also draw my designs often on paper first using the rulers. Drawing designs on paper is a great way to nurture your creativity and also train your muscle memory for longarm quilting. This ruler works for any geometric designs too.

More ideas for working with ruler 'A' of the 4 piece ruler set. This time focusing on the wavy edge of the ruler here are some design ideas. I use the wavy edge to play and embellish like in the circular shape where I used it to create wavy lines. I use the ruler to create spines and vines and enhance them with some freemotion quilting like flowers or leaves etc... see photos. I used the wavy edge of the ruler to divide and design like in the triangular shape. Again I draw these designs often on paper first to see how it looks. Yes I do use a water soluble blue marking pen if needed, especially if I do border designs to mark half way lines or other increments that help to give the design a balanced look.

Next let's focus on ruler 'B' of the 4 piece ruler set and specifically on the curved edge of the ruler. First of all you see two notches for the quilting foot on the side of the ruler, this can be used to help navigate around applique for example. The curved edge I use a lot to create the continuous line design or pumpkin seeds that you see in the photo with the ladybugs and penguin. It is a great and fast way to quilt blocks like the 9 patch block or any triangular shapes. With the ruler you can also create a flower shape as seen in the photo with the circular design or I use it to divide and design and freemotion fill it as in photo three. It is one of my favorite rulers as it is so versatile and handy in size too.

Focusing on ruler 'B' of the 4 piece set, using the oval shaped edge of the template this time. This is great for smaller borders to create a swag design for example. As you can see the ruler has 1/4 inch lines which allow you to create smaller or larger oval shapes and swags. I will show you more of these design opitions with the larger ruler soon. Create geometric shapes or flower designs like in the second photo and embellish it with freemotion quilting. A great way to fill in negative space in a quilt or a quilt block

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Now the focus is on ruler 'C' of the 4 piece quilting ruler set. The C shape of the ruler allows you to create flower shapes, do continuous line or pumpkin seeds and even create circles with a little practice. Each edge of the C ruler has a different sized curve. Using the 45 and 60 degree lines and only half of the curve many more design options become available with this ruler. Again I draw on paper first using this ruler to see how it may turn out and if I like it. This is a great way to practice and nurture your creativity. If I have circular or curved shapes on a quilt top I will also use this ruler to do the 'stitch in the ditch' work or echo quilting around such a shape. the small straight edges on each side of the ruler are useful too, I use them if I have to 'travel' short distances on a quilt to get to where the design continues.

 Ruler 'D' of the 4 piece quilting ruler set  is the largest one in the set. Let's focus on the oval shaped side first. It is great to create border designs like swags and with the 1/4 inch lines marked on the template you can create them in different sizes, stack them and let your imagination loose with some freemotion fillers as seen in photos below. As mentioned a couple of days ago with the 'B' ruler you can do the same just in smaller size... Or you could combine the two ruler sizes and see what you can come up with.
Another option is to create oval shapes by using the ruler horizontally in a border design for example. Stitch one side first, then mirror it. Echo quilt around it and fill it in to your hearts desire. You could also create a chain design with some practice and as always I definitely draw those more intricate designs on paper first.

Focusing on ruler 'D' on the triangular and straight edge side today, this ruler promises a lot of fun and challenges to get really creative. It too has the 1/4 inch lines and 45 and 60 degree lines respectively marked which enables you to create shapes of various sizes. So in its simplest way the ruler can be used to do 'stitch in the ditch' work or creating straight lines like the flying geese in photo 4 or the star in photo 3. But you can also create amazing border designs or just like the oval shape on the other end of the ruler you can use the triangular shape to use it horizontally and create a chain or geometric design like a diamond, again echo it, fill it in with some freemotion fillers to your hearts desire, or use the other rulers like the wavy edge of ruler 'A' to fill the design in. Large Zigzag and chevrons are another option.
You can even play by tracing around the top of the triangle ruler and see what other designs you can come up with. I love to play with this one. And yes draw, draw, draw on paper.

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