Black Swan Quilt for the 9 x 5 " challenge at Vivid Art Gallery Mandurah

This is the smallest Quilt I have made so far. It is for the 9 x 5 inch challenge and Art exhibition at Vivid Art Gallery in Mandurah, WA. 

The background is quilted and then I used rawedge applique and threadpainting to create the grass and Cattails. The swan itself is a pendant that could be used as a necklace. I bought it a while ago because I loved the making and the black feathers. So I was really happy that I finally got to use it on this tiny project. Hot fix diamontes were used to add some sparkle to the water.

The exhibition is on display in May at Vivid Art Gallery in Mandurah, WA. It features artists of many genres and the Artworks are for sale.

Make sure you go and check it out.