Fairy garden magic - another way of being creative

This week I took some time for myself and realized a long standing dream, building a fairy garden on my patio. 


It all started out with the idea of one round bowl to become my fairy garden. Well turns out the fairies and dragons got wind of it and word spread. My project became bigger and bigger in no time.

There is this awesome fairy shop in Mandurah 'The Fairy Dell', it has a huge range of fairy items, like houses and accessories and the staff is absolutely lovely and very helpful. I had so much fun carefully choosing what I wanted.  Another great online shop for fairy stuff here in Western Australia is 'My little fairy garden', which also is very friendly and offers a very quick shipping of the items.


So the project grew to a 3 tier landscape fairy garden and I just love it. I took the photos in pouring rain but I can assure you that the garden is bright and buzzing with energy, especially when the sun is shining.


Here are some more photos of the fairy garden, Enjoy!