Dogs love weighted blankets too!

Did you know that dogs love weighted blankets too?


It is a great way to give them added comfort and support especially if it is a dog that suffers from anxiety or doesn't like loud noises or thunderstorms.


Weighted Blankets help the Nervous system to calm down and self-regulate better so the body can relax. This is also true for dogs. 


They are often used in Trauma work, or  for people with Autism, ADHD, PTSD, or Dementia just to name a few. 

The blankets are washable and come in a convenient size which means you can take them along when you travel. The weighted blankets are

1,5 kg so it is not too heavy for your dog, it just gives that extra gentle pressure on the body that allows for the relaxation to happen.


If you have a smaller size dog feel free to contact me to discuss a lighter weighted blanket or smaller size.


The blankets are made by demand and I have currently a special offer on till the end of September.

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Snug as a bug - and loving it! :-)