Nepal Orphan Home receives Quilts

In October 2016 I managed once more to get 5 Quilts delivered to the Nepal Orphan Home in Kathmandu. This is very exciting for me as it has its challenges to get the Quilts to Nepal. Sending them as a parcel is not advised as they might not arrive. Luckily I have a Co-worker in the hospital I work in who is from Nepal and she went on a holiday back to see her parents. Subi happily agreed to take the Quilts, which put my mind at ease knowing they would arrive safely. Thank you for your kindness Subi!


A couple of days ago I received an email from Michael Hess the Father of the Orphan Home in Nepal with photos attached. In the email I also learned of how the Quilts were distributed and who received them.


Michael always has a lovely idea that makes it very meaningful and thoughtful. This year a week before Christmas each of the 4 main houses that the Children live in voted on who they felt showed exemplary character throughout the year in their own house. For being voted the winner they received a Quilt, a Certificate and some nice Chocolates. I find this such a beautiful idea and it deeply touches and warms my heart.


I will continue to make Quilts and hopefully will find opportunities to be able to send them to the Orphan Home in Nepal.


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