The 4th annual Northern vs Southern Quilt Challenge was on again !

This year the 4th annual Northern vs Southern Hemisphere Quilt challenge was on again. What's that? I hear you ask. Well it is a fun and sisterly Quilt challenge between my Twin sister Simone who lives in Sweden and myself, living Down Under in Perth. I came up with the idea approx. 4 years ago when I sent her a surprise pack of 5 fabrics with a short rule and instruction leaflet. This year I came up with a new idea sending her only an image and rather loose rules. The idea behind the challenge is to see what we both come up with, and being identical Twins, if we come up with the same Quilt... So below are both of our Quilts and you can see for yourself... and guess who made what Quilt  Thanks sis for participating once more, it was fun and I am looking forward to next year when it is your turn to define terms and decide on the topic of the challenge.

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