Smokey's adventure trip to Albany

Smokey recently accompanied me on a quick trip down to Albany. He loves driving. His buddy Beau came along too and it became very soon clear who was the boss on the back bench... Smokey the wolf.


So many smells and things to see and explore. Smokey loved the beach and meeting other dogs, playing with them.

Needless to say he was content and exhausted at night... and even fell asleep in the car during the drive.

I took some photos of him at night when he rested on the bed, check out the beautiful Orbs that surround him. 


Visiting 'The Gap' a picturesque spot just out of Albany was one of the highlights. The water smashing against the cliffs on this calm day makes you wonder how powerful it must be on a stormy day. The Natural Bridge was especially impressive. Nature at its best.


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    Scott (Tuesday, 07 June 2016 22:21)

    Was a wonderful, nature filled trip.
    Lets do it again. Soon