Trip to Denmark & Albany - a magical journey

I spent the last 7 days in the South West of Western Australia, an area that I hadn't explored so far. It is a magical place vibrant with energy, colours and inspiration. A place where relaxing and exploring go hand in hand.

Starting of in Pemberton with climbing the Gloucester Tree a 53m tall and famous Karri Tree. It is a bit daunting at the start as there are only metal rods placed into the tree for climbing, no rope. It takes mindfulness and focus while climbing which is a good exercise along the way and when you reach the top the view across the forest is stunning. 

Back on the ground I did a big walk through the forest which was very relaxing as no car noise but only birds and other critters can be heard. Even saw two Kangaroos and Tree hugging was a given.


The Pemperton Campground was lovely too, set among the Karri Trees, Possums came down at night to see what is going on. Parrots were galore and very friendly too.


After 2 nights in Pemberton the journey continued on to Walpole where the famous Tree Top walk is and the Tingle Trees are. This place is filled with magic and one can feel how ancient the trees are. Grandma Tingle is 400 years old for example. Tingle Trees have a very shallow root system and are endangered. The trees reminded me of the 'Ents' in the movie "The Lord of the Rings". They are really talking to you if you listen deeply and some of their faces are just stunning.

Denmark and its surroundings were next on the list to explore. Denmark is a lovely and serene small town filled with Artists and people that enjoy meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices. Not far from Denmark is Greens Pool a beautiful beach,  a great place to have a rest, relax and unwind. A crab came out under the rock to say 'hello' and some climbing fun couldn't be helped either. :-)

After two days in the Denmark area the journey went on to Albany a lovely city with lots of charm and character. West Cape Howe is also close by which is an incredible 100 m cliff wall right into the southern ocean marking the edge of Australia. Moreover it is an awesome climbing destination! I guess not many people can say that they have climbed the edge of continent Australia :-). Just sitting there and overlooking the cliffs and the ocean is breathtaking and takes you back in time realising how tough first settlement must have been here, especially in rough sea. But just for today it was a calm day and great sunny weather for climbing. It was my first time to rely on cams for belaying, and to get to West Cape Howe one needs a 4WD and bush bashing is required too. So all in all I was in for an adventure to say the least.

A stroll through Albany and a quick look at the old whaling station rounded the trip off. At the campground were lots of Pelicans hanging out that were lovely to watch.

Safe to say that it was an incredible trip and I am looking forward to exploring more of the south west and its beauty.

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