Fabric shopping in Tokyo - Nippori & Yuzawaya

During my week in Tokyo I didn't just visit the International Quilt festival and Temples I ensured that I also had time to check out some of the fabric stores in Tokyo.


Did you know that there is a whole district in Tokyo dedicated to selling fabric? Yes it's true.... oh my...:-) I am talking about Nippori Textile District and the Yuzawaya stores. Yuzawaya is similar to Spotlight in Australia or Jo Anne's in the USA... just bigger.  And Nippori is a district in the northeast corner of Tokyo with one shop after another selling fabric. Take "Tomato's" for example, this store has actually 3 stores in Nippori and their biggest store is 4 floors filled with rows and rows of fabric bolts from floor to ceiling. It is a Quilters and Seamstress dream come true... gone to paradise. :-)


And you know what is even better, the fabric is quite cheap, 2 m of cotton fabric for approx. AUD$ 14 isn't bad. Here in Australia it would cost me easily over AUD$50 or more. And that is with the lousy exchange rate currently...


The Yuzawaya stores are located all over Tokyo, I visited the one in Shinjuku and Asakusa which weren't the biggest ones but still quite impressive and they were also stocking lots of notions, patterns, beads and other craft items like paints etc.  

One can easily spend hours in those stores.


So if you ever get the chance to visit Tokyo make sure you go and check out Nippori Textile Town. Take the JR Yamanote line to Nippori and take the south-east exit, it is only a short walk to the textile district, just follow the signs.


The Yuzawaya store in Shinjuku is located on the 11th floor of the Takashimaya Department store.  From the Shinjuku JR station take the new South Exit and follow the signs for the Takashimaya Department store.  Alternatively just ask some of the local shop owners around the train station, everyone is very helpful and will point you in the right direction.


Here are some photos from Nippori textile Town.

Some photos of the Yuzawaya store in Shinjuku

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