Tokyo's Temple - a heart opening experience

Besides being at the Tokyo Quilt Festival I also made sure to take the time and visit some of the famous Temple's and Shrine's Tokyo has to offer. Each Temple is different and has a unique and beautiful energy to it.


Here are some photos of the Temple in Asakusa - "Temple of Kannon", also know as the Sensoji Temple.


When walking through the entrance of the Temple area I noticed that huge cloud of smoke. It turned out to be a big pot like vessle where inscent sticks were offered to the deities. An ancient tradition that I am familiar with, similar to the native american smudging. A cleansing ritual that is very effective. 


Inside the Temple a shrine or altar could be seen and many people making offerings/ praying in buddhist tradition. When I looked up at the ceiling there were some amazing paintings of a Dragon who is the protector of in buddhist tradition.


When I got home and uploaded the pictures onto my laptop I noticed the many 'Orbs' in some of the pictures. It just shows how high the energy is when people come together and open their hearts. Orbs can be described like an angelic energy. Aren't they beautiful? :-) ( I am talking about the greyish circle shapes...look closely ;-)  )


Below photos of the Meiji Temple in Harajuku.

I was privileged to witness a wedding blessing and experienced the huge gong/drum being played. An incredible sound and vibration that goes through your whole body and affects you deeply. Oooh and did I mention that there was a little bit of snow left for me too :-)


And the last Temple I visited was the Toshogu Shrine in Ueno. The Shrine is located in a beautiful park that I am sure is looking stunning in spring when all the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Even in winter it was a welcome place for me to relax from the masses of people.  In Ueno park, very close to the Toshogu Shrine is also the memorial for the peace flame. The flame is derived from when the Atomic bombs were thrown at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. It is a stark reminder that this can and should never ever happen again. 

The Shrine itself has a lot of gold inlay and aren't the carvings in the surrounding wall beautiful? The Peony garden is right next to the Shrine and the flowers are just beautiful.

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