The Brother International Challenge and it's winners

So here at the Brother booth at the Tokyo Festival were the Quilts from the Challenge displayed. There was one 1st place, 5x 2nd places, and 10x 3rd places. Sadly only 1st and 2nd place Quilts were actually displayed and 3rd places were shown as a photo display due to lack of space. But hey it still counts, right?!

I could barely contain myself, it is such an incredible feeling to see your own Quilt up there and coming 3rd place was more than I expected or hoped for. It is hard to find words to describe it.


So here are some photos now from the winners of the 'Eco' challenge. Below are the 1st place (the Koala), and the 2nd places Quilts.

Here are all the 3rd place Quilts and honorable mention Quilts (2)