My Quilt 'Fragile Balance' comes 3rd place in the Brother International Quilt challenge ! Wohooo!!!

In  July 2015 I decided to participate in the brother international quilt challenge. The theme was 'Eco' and the best Quilts from this international challenge would go to Tokyo to the biggest Quilt Festival in the world, held in January 2016. So for the next two month I was designing, constructing and moreover quilting my heart out.

Then end of September I sent the Quilt off. End of November I received a phone call one early Monday morning, a lovely Lady from Brother International telling me that my Quilt had made it into the top 10 and will be going to Tokyo in January. Wow, OMG right? I was speechless and my heart was singing. I finally was given a chance to get my message out there.


The message of the Quilt is that it is in our hands to look after this planet and be the change we want to see in this world. That we need to stop the pollution of the ocean, the deforestation for species to not go extinct and to be more mindful and aware of the beauty of this planet.


The Quilt shows my hands holding earth surrounded by the ancient and sacred symbol of the Flower of Life. Trees, eagle, dolphins and whales are surrounding it. Then there is this big wave that breaks over it highlighting how fragile the balance is and how quickly everything can change. The grid surrounding the centre motive is made with metallic silver thread and the boxes are approx. 1,5cm wide. When you look at the close up photos you can see that I have written words in some of the boxes. This was all done on my Handi Quilter Avante' 18 Longarm machine, no micro handles. A very sensitive and intricate task to say the least, but it was lots of fun too. Hot fix diamontes give the Quilt some extra bling, and the white in the wave has some fabric paint too.


The Quilt is mainly done using thread painting technique. Creating the wave was an incredible task, it took me over 10 hours just to cut and lay out the parts, playing and fiddling around with it until I was happy and it could be ironed and sewn on respectively. The thread painting alone for the wave took hours too.


All up it took me 2 month to create this master piece. So you can imagine how thrilled and happy I am for this Quilt to be up there with the top and even winning 3rd place in Tokyo. This Quilt together with the rest of the other Quilts from the challenge will now travel for a year and will be displayed at different shows and craft fairs, so keep an eye out for a Quilt show near you.

Here are some more detailed photos of the finished Quilt.

Photos from the making of the Quilt.

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