Quilts for Nepal

In November 2015 a project that is very dear to my heart was finally realised. For nearly a year now I wanted to donate some of my Quilts to the Nepal Orphan Home in Kathmandu/Nepal.  I had 6 Kids quilts ready made but due to my illness last year I was unable to travel myself  which made me rather sad. I would have loved to drop off the Quilts myself. But I didn't give up hope.

So November came and the Universe conspired. I met Alana a lovely midwife at Peel Health Campus who just happened to go on a 2 weeks holiday trekking the Himalayas. She happily agreed to take my Quilts and ensured that it all arrived safely. I will be forever grateful for Alana's help.

Yesterday I received a very moving email from Michael Hess who is running Nepal Orphan Home. It was lovely to hear how much the children love, appreciate and cherish the Quilts and what a difference the Quilts have made in their life's.  It makes my heart sing.

I will continue to make Quilts for the kids and hope that one day in the near future I will be able to meet the children personally and bring more joy.


Here is a link to the Nepal Orphan Home website if you would like to learn more about their story and how you can make a difference either by donating or volunteering.



See below some of the children who received the Quilts.

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