Bunbury Quilt Challenge 2015

This years Bunbury International Quilt Challenge had the Theme " Under the Microscope".  The Quilts are exhibited throughout WA and were at the Craft fair at Claremont Showgrounds just the weekend gone.

It was my first time to enter a Quilt into a challenge. Something exciting and new as one must adhere to the rules. The rules included the Size of the Quilt not to be bigger than 80 cm, that it must be a Quilt, meaning it has to consist of 3 layers held together with stitching or tied, you have to use at least 75% of the fabric provided, and an Artist statement and most of all a Deadline!...., just to name a few.

I decided to take the situation in the middle east 'under the microscope' and what is going on in the world in general with all the upheaval at present.

So I chose the background fabric to be a blue whole cloth fabric and appliqued 'earth' onto it. The Angels are cut out with the Accu Quilt Die which made is very easy and a lot faster and appliqued as well. The Angels are wearing or are made of the challenge fabric that was provided and 75%  of it needed to be used in the top of the quilt... mission accomplished ;-) I also used metallic gold and white couching yarn around the Angels and the small red hearts are made of felt.

One of the Angels is holding a magnifying glass (that is a real magnifying sheet yes).

The other 3 Angels are pouring love over the countries in the middle east, wishing to ease the turmoil and help to raise the frequency in the hope for peace.  

Hot fix Diamontes and golden metallic thread were used for the 'pouring'. 

The background of the Quilt is heavily quilted with micro swirls between the rays which draw the Viewers eye into the centre.

Well I hope you enjoy exploring and looking at this Quilt. It certainly was an interesting project for me. 

Here are some more pictures of the Challenge.

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    Simone (Friday, 14 August 2015 15:17)

    What a wonderful and inspiring Quilt! I love it!
    Well done!!